How we boo! it

How our professionals work

Where needed and when needed - we bring you the best MarCom professionals, right in your office. Marketing power on demand. Our boo!professionals not only bring their own professional expertise, they also have a full monty marketing agency, backing them. So you get for one boo!professionals, a complete MarCom team with it! Our interim marketing professionals love the take the unbeaten path together with you. The result: we realise unexpected business opportunities.

How we boo it!

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1. We identify the need

After the first consultation or call with our strategist we can identify what capacity is needed. Is it strategy communication or design? The right professional normally can start within 5 days.

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2. The professional starts to work

Our professional analyses the running projects and identifies the unexpected opportunities

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3. We check progression and quality of the work delivered

Each week, the professionals check in at the boo!office, to report on their work and receive ideas and feedback from their colleagues. This allowes us to achieve the best results for you, and grow the quality of our professionals in their line of work. That is a unique win-win!

Step4-how we work-booprofessionals

4. We finish the job

During this process, we transfer our knowledge and expertise on to you and your team. Sometimes we stay for a few hours per week to get started. Usually you do not need us at any given time. That’s okay for us – we start with our next assignment as you can continue yourself!

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