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With our newsletters we address our target group each edition again.

Over Carrier Refrigeration Benelux

Carrier Refrigeration Benelux B.V. is a well-known name as a producer, supplier and installer of refrigerated displays and storage systems. They are mainly active in the retail sector where their solutions can be found in fresh food wholesalers, supermarkets, petrol stations, shops and train stations. Carrier is known for their quality, service and cleverly applied technical installations.


Production of the monthly NewsCarrier for customers and relations of Carrier Refrigeration Benelux.


“For a couple of hours a week Michael works for boo!professionals at our location and makes among others the NewsCarrier, a newsletter that informs about our projects carried out in the Benelux, product introductions and relevant information about technology and environment. Michael makes creative use of his knowledge and experience in our industry and enthuses our employees to actively contribute to this. This ensures that we address our target group – the food retail and related supply chain – in the right way every edition. And that works.” – Marius van der Linden, Sales Director

Michael Groen
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  • (06) 24 89 37 54

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